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About represents a diverse group of people committed to preserving Sherwood Forest in Waimanalo, Hawaii. One of the goals of this website is to provide information to assist many dedicated individuals working independently to prevent the senseless destruction of Sherwood Forest, and to help keep people informed about developments in the movement. We also support other groups and organizations who share our views and do valuable work on behalf of our local environment and community.

Nearly everything in these pages has already been either posted on social media or otherwise made available to the public in some way. This website came about because many people deeply concerned about saving Sherwood Forest prefer not to use social media, and many expressed a need for alternative sources of online information. In addition, those who use social media often tell us that, with so much happening in the growing movement to save Sherwood Forest, key documents can quickly become buried in timelines and difficult to find later. This website attempts to remedy those concerns by providing a less fragmented space for important documents and images. It includes written records and pictures gleaned from social media, presented in an organized format to keep them readily accessible and allow for convenient downloading and sharing. Although there are far too many people to thank and credit individually, we’re very grateful to everyone who has posted pictures and documents that are reposted in these pages.

Our objective is not to provide a comprehensive record of the movement to save Sherwood Forest, and not every event or important document is represented on this site. In some cases, events and documents may be only highlighted, or not represented at all—which is why we include links to other sources of valuable information not found here.


Please note that the documents and images on this website represent a wide diversity of viewpoints and approaches to saving Sherwood Forest, as well as a variety of means of expression. Not all of the viewpoints expressed here, or their means of expression and presentation, are our own.


Thank you for your interest in the fast-growing community of people working to save Sherwood Forest!

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