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Has gold been found in Sherwood Forest?


Well, not quite. But it has been found nearby, in the drawers of some of our dedicated supporters. Several people who support our legal effort, but can’t write checks these days, have come up with a creative way to contribute while cleaning their jewelry boxes. They’ve spontaneously donated old or broken gold items they no longer need: damaged chains and necklaces, single un-matched earrings, rings with missing stones, etc.


This idea is catching on, despite the challenges we all face this summer. One supporter has even donated a gold filling his dentist removed. The virus clearly isn’t stopping our passion for saving Sherwood Forest!


We know that many of you might have gold pieces you’ll never wear, or never repair. They may be sitting forgotten in the bottom of a drawer, but instead they could be helping us pay our outstanding legal expenses.  We’re hoping you can look through your drawers and jewelry boxes, and contribute any remnants you might find.


One of our dedicated supporters, who has expertise in gold valuation, has generously volunteered to find the best possible price at no extra commission for himself. This means 100 percent of the value of your donation will go directly to our legal effort.


Any gold items will be greatly appreciated: old pocket watch cases, wristwatch bands, leftover links from sizing a watch, or those pieces you found with your metal detector after tourists left the beach. We’ll gratefully accept anything you’ve been waiting for the perfect reason to part with—and to do something good with. What about that token gift from the relative you never liked, or that empty locket from an old relationship that no longer means anything? Or that guilt jewelry your philandering ex-husband always brought home? And why are you still keeping that “BFF” bracelet from your best friend who ran off with your spouse, or those little gold coins you put back in your children’s college fund before you realized they’ll never leave your home?


Please see what long-forgotten items you might have lying around. Go for the gold!


If you find anything to contribute, you can mail it to: 

Friends of Sherwood Forest
350 Ward Ave., Suite 106, #241
Honolulu, HI 96814

You can also call (808) 398-0025 to arrange for delivery or pick-up.


If you’d like to make a non-gold contribution, you can do so on our GoFundMe page at


Thank you for your interest in saving Sherwood Forest!

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